Lowering Electric Bills in Maryland

Virtually everyone would love to have lower electric bills. This is as true in Maryland as anywhere. When it comes to money, how much you will save depends entirely on how much Maryland solar energy that you buy compared to the price of power plant electricity. It also depends on where you live, as rural areas tend to be more adversely affected by power outages.

The southern half of Maryland receives its power from the Calvery Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. It has been in operation since the 1970s and has two reactors in operation. It plans to build a third, which would be entirely modern and produce nearly as much as the other two combined.While nuclear power supplies abundant and reliable electricity, it tends to be expensive. It is much more expensive than coal even though coal produces carbon dioxide and other noxious gases. People in city apartment blocks may not have much say in where they get their electricity, but people with their own houses have a bit more choice.

In the end it might take some creative math in order to figure out which option would save the most money, but lower electric bills could be as simple as installing your own electric panels. Nuclear power is expensive enough to justify your own array. Coal might be cheaper, but some consumers would feel much better if they were consuming homemade electricity.

Maryland solar energy is provided by anyone who understands how to install panels. There are several different types of solar cells, each one using a different manufacturing technique. One category is much cheaper, but does not deliver as power as a more refined cells. Much more critical is that the array is installed intelligently and properly hooked to a grid.

There are several ways to work energy panels. The first is to allow them to act as an independent power supply, giving power to an entirely DC array of lights and appliances. The second is to connect it to the main grid of the house. Both plans require a battery to store what is generated but the second is more expensive because it requires a large power inverter.

Solar cells provide direct current power, which must be converted into AC before most household appliances will work with it. This process tends to decrease power efficiency and a large inverter can be quite expensive. The total price to install an electric grid can be in the thousands of dollars, once the price for accessories is figured. Batteries must also be replaced occasionally.

The good news is that solar panels do not need replacing. They are as permanent as roofing shingles and can be installed onto the roof. Not having moving parts, they do not wear out. A solar array can last for decades. This is an investment for the future, if a person will be living in the same place for a long time. It is also a great idea for anyone living in the countryside.

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